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2005-02-23 04:06:21 (UTC)


Well today was interesting... that is a lie. Nothing
exciting at all happened today. As most of you probably
already know, I have been sick for a while but I've
finally gotten better... just in time for my roommate to
take over right where I left off. Well let me tell you,
we have been nothing but bundles of joy throughout these
illnesses and midterms.

I guess I'll just pick up where I left off last night. I
know I've said it before but now of all times is the time
to start evaluating yourself. The friends we have now and
make in the near future will be sure to be present
throughout the rest of our lives. I mean we all like to
feel important to someone, loved, cared about, and hope
that people want us to be happy. The people who pretend
to care and just want to know how things are, are
primarily doing this to be nosey because in all reality,
they just want to see if we are having a horrible time so
they can rejoice. Yes this seems sick but let me tell
you, it happens and I think the world would be better off
without these people.

My recent perspective on the trials and tribulations of
life relate to people, in general. I can honestly say
that personality in anyone is something that is a genuine
quality. Yes, people have their problems and sometimes
they seem so far gone that nothing will seem to save or
cure them. However, this is something that can be fixed
because it is just another bump in the road, a problem,
which all can be fixable. Those with personality flaws
are unsavable if you ask me. That means they have grown
up with these traits for their entire lives and these
traits have just not appeared but have dominated a
signficant amount of time. Yes, people need to live for
themselves and not try to please everyone they meet along
the way because it is guaranteed that no one will ever be
completely satisfied. My only qualms about this is that
people need to think about what they are doing and who
they are hurting along the way because people can forgive,
but they never forget.

Hope dangles on a string.