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2005-02-23 03:33:06 (UTC)

Qustions I Ask

Everytime i close my eyes,
I'd just hope thats the last i see light,
Eyes dry of tears,
Heart filled with fears,
Asking myself why live another day,
When everythings so hectic,
The hell just never ends,
When i think i'm finally out,
I get sucked back in,
Feelings of worthlessnes,
As the days go on,
"Why me"?
I ask myself this,
I wonder what it would be like,
If i were never here,
Would things be better,
If i didn't exsist,
I tell myself DEATH is such as strong word,
What if i killed myself,
I could never take it back,
Everytime i have a knife to my throat,
I think about these things,
Yet i still have no clue,
What the future keeps,
Then I think to myself,
What if i get depressed,
Or pissed,
Who will be there,
To stop me from this,
It just seems like death is the only answer,
Away from this pain,
As i continue to think about this,
I ask myself one more thing,
What happends next.
-Cassie Wilkins-