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10: Kings, anyone?

Chapter Ten
We pulled into the parking lot of the Olive
Garden. Tory was so excited to be here because it was her
favorite restaurant. I could tell she was nervous about
meeting Pat, just the way she was acting. She was acting
all giddy and asking a million questions.
“Do you think he’s here? Should I call his cell
phone?” She asked.
“Uh yeah.” I laughed making fun of her. “If we’re
supposed to meet him, you might want to call him.” I said
and shook my head.
“Shut up.” She laughed. I was really happy for
her. I knew she had liked Pat a lot before and they ended
on good terms, but they just stopped talking once he went
to college.
“Hey, we’re in the parking lot, are you here yet?”
Tory said. She had the funniest look on her face. “Haha,
okay, I see you.” She laughed. “Bye.” She said and hung
up. “Oh my gosh, there he is . . . he’s so hot.” Tory said
excitedly. I looked up to see him standing in front of her
car with a really, really hot guy.
“Okay, whose the dude with him?” I asked quietly.
“I don’t know, but he’s hot.” She laughed. We got
out of the car and Pat quickly ran and gave Tory a hug. It
was so cute and Pat was looking good. Since the last time
I saw him, he was hair was a little longer and highlighted
and he had some facial hair. He looked older and I’m sure
he was a lot more mature.
“Hey Katy!” He said and hugged me. It was an
awkward moment because I never really knew him that well.
“Hey, how have you been?” I asked with a smile.
“Great, and you?” He asked.
“I’m okay.” I laughed.
“Good, good.” He said. He turned around to the
extremely hot man behind him. “This is Sebastian. He’s my
roommate.” Pat said. I stuck out my hand to shake his. He
was tall and skinny, but built. He had curly blonde hair
and a really strange color of blue eyes. He looked like a
model. In a weird way, he reminded me of the actor, Ryan
“Hi.” I said. “I’m Katy.”
“Hey Katy.” He smiled. He that kind of smirk that
just turned you on and a really hot voice. Where did this
guy come from? , I wondered.
“Let’s eat guys. I’m starving.” Pat said. We
followed him and Sebastian into the Olive Garden.

“I don’t really know how to play this game!” I
said laughed. We were playing the game, Kings. I know I’ve
played it once before with Aaron, but I just didn’t
remember the rules.
“Okay, every even number of card you get, you have
to take off an item of clothing.” Sebastian said with a
smirk on his face. I didn’t believe him.
“No . . . ” I laughed. “I don’t remember playing
this way.” I said. I was pretty buzzed and I hadn’t
thought of Aaron the whole night.
“Yes, that’s how you play!” He said staring at me.
He had such a beautiful face. I couldn’t stop looking at
“That’s not how you play Kate.” Pat said laughing.
I looked over at him and smiled. He had his arm around
Tory. They were so cute together. Then he explained the
rules for the fifth time. I was actually truly enjoying
myself. These guys were so much fun and they made me laugh
so hard. Sebastian was a really cool guy. It sucked that
he lived so far away.
“Kate, it’s your turn.” He said smiling at
me. “Pick that card.” He said pointing to the one closest
to me. I gave him a weird look and picked up the card. It
was a two, an even number.
“So, I guess this means I have to take off an
article of clothing?” I said. I started to lift of my
shirt, but only as a joke. I could feel all the guys just
staring at me. I couldn’t remember getting that kind of
attention since before Aaron and I had started
dating. “I’m just kidding!” I laughed and pulled my shirt
back down.
“That’s bullshit.” Sebastian said with a serious
tone. “Pure bullshit. Get out of my house.” He laughed. He
stood up and lifted me up and carried me over to the
window like he was going to throw me out.
“We got a tease on our hands!” I heard a guy yell.
I started laughing. I was really starting to feel drunk,
but I didn’t want to stop drinking, I was having so much
fun. Sebastian put me down and we walked back over to the
“Don’t play with our minds.” The guy said. We all
“Okay, okay.” I said and smiled. “What do I do
with my two?” I asked.
“You take two.” Sebastian said. He poured me two
shots of Absolut.
“I am going to die, you guys!” I laughed. I
quickly took one shot and made a face. “Blah.” I mumbled.
Everyone laughed.
“Don’t be a baby! Take that shot!” Sebastian
yelled. I laughed and quickly took another shot. It burned
my throat so badly.
“I’m done taking shots!” I said and grabbed my
mixed drink. I looked over at Sebastian and he was just
smiling at me. “What?” I laughed.
“Nothing.” He said. I was starting to feel really
comfortable around him.
“I don’t want to play any more.” Tory said with a
pout. “I know I’m going to end up being the one to drink
all the nasty stuff in that cup.” She laughed.
“I’d drink it for you.” Pat said and kissed her
cheek. I was surprised how close they were getting
already, but then again, they both had alcohol in their

Before I knew it, I was laying in Sebastian’s bed
making out with him. I wasn’t sure how long we’d been
making out and I didn’t even remember when we came back to
his room. He was such a good kisser, I didn’t want to
stop, but I wasn’t sure what was going on with Aaron and
me and I knew it was just the right thing to do. So, I
pushed him off of me.
“You okay?” He asked. His face was so close to
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I smiled. He immediately started
kissing me again. I started laughing. “I can’t do this.” I
“Why not?” He asked.
“Because . . . ” I said. “I just can’t.” He
started kissing me again. I wanted to keep kissing him
too, but I couldn’t.
“I’m serious.” I laughed and pushed him off of
me. “I kind of have a boyfriend.” I said. He looked at me
and started laughing.
“Kind of?” He said raising an eyebrow.
“Well, he just hasn’t called me lately.” I said
and smiled. “I don’t really want to talk about it.”
“Okay.” He said. He leaned back in and started
kissing me. I couldn’t help myself. He was too hot to not
make out with. I figured this was going to be a once in a
lifetime thing and I’d probably never see him again, so it
was worth it. I just wouldn’t tell anyone.

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