Secrets come out?
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2005-02-23 02:32:15 (UTC)

GOING To jail...

So i came home right... and i was gonna leave again to
go to blockbuster and get some movies and go to mcdonalds
to pick up my schedule for this past week... and i was
about to leave but i asked mom for some money (my money)
and she said to wait... then she starts into this lecture
about it being totally her business what they were tryin to
say to me and me and kasey were like no dude..... it wasn't
your business.. and she went crazy! she got up and poured
grape soda all over Kasey and started screamin for us to
get out ... and that she was gonna call the cops if we
didn't.... lol.... so we said we would and i asked her if
she'd call them if i did leave... and she said " no, I
PROMISE I WON'T CALL THEM." well that was bullshit... by
the time kasey had changed clothes mom had called the
cops ... and i walked in and took the phone from her... i
was so pissed off to know that my own mother ... the one
who was supposed to prtect me from shit like that had
called the cops on me for no reason... i hadn't even done
anything ... YET...

I threw the phone and broke this huge ass picture
frame ... then went and busted my door with my fist and my
hand is all messed up but ... she was tryin to fuckin call
them again so i came back in and broke another phone...
accidentally putting a hole in the wall with the other
phone... Then she started to get in my face and go off
again... but no ... I put my hands on her shoulders and
pushed her back two steps ... not forcefully either... and
then was tryin to figure out what to do when the cops
pulled up .... one came in and me and kasey went out ...
next thing i know i am under arrest... I am handcuffed and
put into the back of the cop car and on my way to jail...

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