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2005-02-23 00:40:39 (UTC)


i am so fucking horny! i have been feeling frisky all day
and i'm telling u if the wench was here she'd have to be
giving me a damn good seeing to! i am very forceful when
i'm in this kind of mood and wench has yet to see me like
this. anywho i've got myself a job! and no that isn't the
reason why i haven't updated this for so long the simple
reason was that i just couldn't be bothered! but yeah i
got a job! start next week i think. either that or
thursday. i got the training day tomorrow. 10am. it's a
good thing i've been waking up earlier recently! having to
walk all the way to st george has the effect of playing up
my right hip joint and making my feet bleed recently also!
badness! i'll have to get used to it once i start this
job. bless tesco for taking me in when i needed you the
most! lol! i'll be sitting down for my shifts anyway so at
least they'll have a rest while i'm at work! i really
should go to bed soon i gotta be up quite early to get
ther for 10am! i hope i got the right day and it wasn't
today i was sposed to go! *gulp*!!