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2005-02-23 00:08:30 (UTC)

School Day Again

Well today i had psychology and i learned something very
interesting. Well i learned that one my mom is responsible
for my anger issues. However i don't blame her I blame her
side of the family and my step dad. He was the one always
abusing us. He broke a 2 by 4 over my brother. He used to
slap me til i was on the ground then kick me. I can
remember one time i spit up blood but i didn't tell my mom
because she would say that i only want the attention or a
pity party. My brother is locked up because that side of
the family. I can remember that it was rarely my sister
and always me and my brother. Alot of people would say
because me and my brother looked so much like my dad and
acted so much like my dad. My dad was a wonderful dad and
a great man. I will miss him til the day i die. We never
were aloud to ask my mom about him. Then she used to tell
us that our family in Texas didn't care to much for us
that all we were was kids that got them closer to their
son or they like the other kids in Texas better. I never
believed it and i never will. I can also remember when i
got spanked but an extension cord, or slapped / punched in
the face all before the age of 14. My temper now a days
are absoulutly horrible. I wanna fight all the time.Always
got in trouble for wanting to stay with family. Til this
day it always was and will be don't ask no questions won't
be no trouble. All of my childhood was taken away from me
as soon as i turned 8. That was the real world as they
would say it. Time to be a woman. If we had a man then
were a whore if we didn't then were gay. I guess all of
that when i was little is what makes me strong today.

Also i learned that my boss Karen is such a
racist retarded bitch. She asked me if i was a gangbanger.
Is that why i had on a wristband. It is none of her damn

Sunday i was supposed to go to the movies with Jake
Shannon Jiles and Sabrina but because of the snow and
Jiles Snooty behavior we reschedule to god only knows
when. I am counting down the days til i am going to Cedar
Point. I cannot wait til i get to be on my own and away
from my mom, dad, and sister. I feel that this is exactly
what i need to be sane. Anyways i am gonna go.

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