Dear Diary
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2005-02-22 23:54:34 (UTC)

I hate being sick

I have been sick since Sunday night... It sucks.. I can't
breathe or anything! Oh well I will get over it soon, I
hope. I dont have anything new to write about, so this
will probably be a short entry. On a brighter note- I'm
not thinking about Matt as much! That's really good. I
can't believe I can meet someone who lives 2 1/2 hours
away from me and see him most of the summer and off an on
since then and us hit it off and everything but I cant
find someone down here thats at least 30 mins from me.....
Life is really weird.. How things work out, how you meet
people and then they or even you have to leave and you
dont see them ever again or just a few times every year..
Its not that I want to be with Matt... He's not someone I
fully trust, and that's a big thing.. Trust is very
important without trust you dont have anything. So I'm not
upset that we cant be together but then again I miss him
and everything that came with him that I had during the
summer... I wish I could go back and things be the same..
Things have changed so much since last April.. I dont
know. I think I was missing what all I had before I had
to come home for school.. I wish I could find someone to
help me get over this... Hopefully someday I will.. Wow
looks like this was kinda of long! Well I'm gonna go and
talk to ppl.

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