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2005-02-22 22:20:49 (UTC)


well.... today is tuesday. i wish we didnt have school
this week like most people
kendall are you coming tomorrow?

i just had a really wierd thought. what if someone
committed suicide, like a person that is on the other side
of the world and you just read their diary or something
like that
what would it be like knowing that a family has just lost
someone that meant a lot to them and you know some of
their thoughts but the family doesnt even know who you are.
that would be the wierdest feeling ever.
well maybe not ever

me and jenna were reading an article in a magazine and it
was about someone who cut themselves. and jenna asked if i
knew someone who did and i said yes but i didnt tell her
it was stephen because then she would have been really
upset. and i dont think he does it anymore. i hope he

im going to go do something

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