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2005-02-22 20:47:31 (UTC)

ali came over and it was her bday and some bashed out her car window

k so its been raining like all gods hell and by the time i
got to class it looked as if i was in the shower my hair
was soaked and dripping but i didnt want to ring it out
cause that wouldbe gross to do in class but then i thought
it was gross to also just have dripy hair hhhmmmm well the
last 2 days ive just been playing video games beat halo
fuck yeah and then at like 2 in the morning i discovered i
have a japanese test so instead of studying im typeing this
um last weekend erika and i went ot hollywood to find her a
dress couldnt find one waste of time she found on in fresno
though um flynn mar cody erika and jessica came down and we
drank in my room my roommate some how has an ipod and she
was listening to it while i drove her to school i dont
understand cause i had my stero on the whole drive so she
just kep turning it up lounder k yeah doesnt make sense
well i thats about it now i must study hiragana and it sucks

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