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2005-02-22 20:36:43 (UTC)

sLeEpLeSs NiGhTs

The last couple nights have probably been the worst nights
sleeping in forever. It started Saturday night and
continued last night. I get into bed, I'm already so
freakin tired, but I cant fall asleep. Its like something
in my body wont allow me to just sleep. I had class this
morning and to tell you the truth, if I didnt have a test
in that class, I probably would have fell asleep at the
desk. Its just so horrible, its like I'm sleep deprived.
Oh well, just something that I'm going to have to get
over. I dont know what to do, do I go to the doctors for
that, or what do I do. It just sucks. Then when I do fall
asleep, I can never sleep in, I'm always waking up at like
This weekend is going to be alright. Saturday around 2,
I'm going to play poker at a guys house from Tuesday Night
League. Then after that I have no idea, maybe someone can
hook me up and do something wiht me.
Next weekend is about to be so awesome. I'm driving myself
to Dayton and followin the rest of the crew. We have a big
Dayton Team Tournament. I also have a room to myself and
looking for people to go with me. So if you actually know
me and are interested, just let me know.
Love Lots,
Joshua Ryan

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