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2005-02-22 20:26:50 (UTC)

modern dance

~well today i saw the pics from megan's camera...wow did i
look good on the nite of the dance....and after christmas
at skateland!!! i even look good when im tired! dont mean
to brag or anything but those pics are awesome for me!

~some modern dance troupe from NYC and trust me i'm a hard
core dancer and i still found their performance very
funny...imagine if we all went around "expressing" our
feelings through dance all day every day...wow what a life
would that b? and during the questions, some kid said, "how
come all your songs reminded me of BACON" hello how rude!!
some people should just duck tape their mouths shut...

~i was really happy and hyper today

~i have no homework!! yey!

~my face is really dry- tonight im going to smother it in
face lotion to help it feel better

~is any1 goin to that charity b-ball game??? i dont think i
am rite now

i think that's it for now
luv y'all

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