My lil life!
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2005-02-22 20:23:42 (UTC)

Feb22 NOTE to self.. ohh shot!!

Dint go to school today, on tuesday i normaly got just one
class by 4:30om and its a lab and becuase of the whole
boycott thingy the proff said we shouldnt come to class. so
thats why i stayed home, uhmmm.. plus the real reason i
stayed home is cause im one lazy ass mother fucker.. lol

i was feeling tired from yesterday, i mean i was out all day
and latr a night i still that to go to the gym yesterday so
i outh to get some rest ryt? nah.. couldnt let a day like
this go to waste. i call up mel and told her to come over, i
woke up late today and i dint even eat solid food before she
arrived. and now i was supposed to do stuff.. yeah watahell
just go for it boy!! (ud think i learnt my lesson from what
happened to *cisanne*) i gat some energy juice to keep me up
plus i dont knw what got into my head, i went and smoked
pot. guess u just wanted to see what wold happen.

Boy i tell you that is one bad combination. #1. i knew i was
fuckin tired and i needed some rest, #2 dint eat proper
bfast and lunch #3 went i smoked pot (usually the effect it
has on me is that i eat alot but this time i wasnt planing
on eating).

So how did it go? yeah d weed help a bit. d sex drive was
up. but damm my body is just too tired and now im forcing
it. i wished i eating well this morning or even had lunch. i
wasnt bat bad, but i know i could do much better than that.
I dint even cum... i juz fuckin doozed off cuz then the weed
than really fucked me up pretty bad. hehe poor gurl

Note to self!!! even SUPERMAN eats well... enegry can
neither be created nor destroyed but changes from stored
energy in food to usable energy for the body.. Intoxication
empty stomach = fuck up

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