My TwIsTeD tHoUgHtS
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2005-02-22 20:03:19 (UTC)

hey guess what...open to find out!

YOU SUCK!!!! LoL Fooled ya!! Nah, I'm just playin. Im not
drunk, but I am having a hard time typing on this thing.
It's much smaller than the usual keyboard that I've always
been use to. It's almost 2 and I haven't slept it. Been
trying to find a way to get to Sarah's this weekend since
everyone bailed on me. I promised Sarah I would get there
and so therefore I'm doing it damnit! I can rent a car.
But I changed my mind on that. Yeah, after I went through
all that trouble. Can I ask you a question? Have you ever
loved someone so much it made you cry? I would say no, but
I'd be lying. One of the first times I heard that song I
was riding to school with Cindy in 10th grade and Jamie
and I had just broke up and I remember tearing up when I
listened to it. LoL I was sooo in love with that boy.
Other than hearing his car repoed, I wonder how he's
doing. LoL Sike! I really could careless. Now what is up
with me and Jerry? Well after the way he acted this
weekend when I called him a few times to tell him about my
new computer and tv, he ignored my call. Well, I havent
tried callin again. I'm soooo not going through this shit
again. He knows that too. If he thinks I'll be like I was
2 years ago, chasing after him, calling all the time,
crying over him...HrPh..RiTe! You know I'll be laying here
watching tv and I'll try to get up so I can get on the
computer and totally forget that it's RIGHT THERE! AHHH
it's so great. Laying in bed, watching tv and typing on
here. Nothing can be better than that shit. Plus I take it
to work and watch dvds when I get bored. LmAo! AwEsOmE!
Heather says I GOTTA come to KY this weekend. Damnit! I
really want to!!!! And you know what? I am!!! LoL Me and
Sarah were even lookin up flights and stuff, but I aint
paying $500 just to FLY there. Maybe another time.
Although I could fly to Knox from Nash for only $300, but
Sarah would have to drive an hour to pick me up. Nah, I'm
just going to get my truck a lil check up, put those new
tires on and then go all by myself in my own car. Sounds
good eh? Right there is about $60 on gas. Good enough for
me!!! I'm just scared I'll get lost. I'm not good with
directions by myself. Oh well. A promise is a promise. I
hate change of plans or not going by my word. But I think
it's about time for me to fall on asleep. HoLLa!

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