2005-02-22 15:36:59 (UTC)

orange juice

I'm getting ready to leave for work right now. I have a few
minutes though. Last night Natalie came over for a little
bit. She brought over some pictures for me! We sat around
and talked for maybe an hour or so. And just when I started
wondering where Timothy was and why he didn't call me yet I
heard his truck! So we sat in my room and talked for a
while then Nat had to go out to eat with her dad so she
left. Then me and Tim decided what we were ganna do for the
night. We ended up leaving. We got KFC...and went back to
his place for the night. We ate our food, and talked to
Jenn for a while. Then me and Tim talked for a little bit
because he knew I had shit on my mind about him leaving for
Florida. :( I'm just sad. I couldn't sleep last night
because I was thinking about it. But after his shower we
watched The Grudge. That was seriously a waste of my money.
Who makes a movie like that? There was no point to the
movie and no ending!!! ugh I was soooooo mad! oh well. Then
me and Tim stayed up for a little bit and then fell asleep.
He had to get up at 6 because he had to be to work earlier
this morning. So we got up and he brought me back to my
place. I had to call Aaron for him about getting a new
mirror for his truck. Now I have to go to work 11-3. Joy. I
don't know what I'm doing tonight. Probably going to be
with my Timothy. who knows.

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