slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2005-02-22 22:08:12 (UTC)

subdiary 22-02-05

good evening Sir,
the days are going to be even longer now that i was alone
on O/our schedule night. i dont understand what i am
learning with out contact with You Sir. all day all i
could think of was the time W/we have together tonight. i
visualised Your face, Your body, Your words, how You were
going to touch my soul and how i could show You how much
You mean to me. i miss You so much. i now have this
emptiness. my heart is breaking. i need You Sir. i need for
You to teach me. i need for You to guide me and show me the
way. without You i am nobody. i can only shine when i am
with You. You give me purpose. You give me a reason. i miss
You so much Sir. i cant stop the tears now. i am lost. i
need You to find me and show me the way Sir. i am so sad
now. I need You so much Sir. i am off to bed now. i will
crawl as instructed with my banner. i will chant..i miss
You so much Sir. my body needs to please You. i need to
please You. i hunger for Your attention Sir. i want to feel
the excitement of Your touch. i want to feel how my body
resonds to You. i am so sad. please Sir i dont know if i
cant stand this. i am not me without You. You make me
whole. i am a nobody with out You.

*slut* {MR}