my emotions..
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2005-02-22 11:59:50 (UTC)

continued i told u so..!!

well again its me hi (nonshalonly waves.. princess style)
but yeah i mean here it goes with polack, he was my
everything for 2 and a half years, i felt for him like i've
never felt for anyone in my life not even my 1st love, he
showed me true love compassion for another man, he taught
me how to grow, love , and showed me that after so many
fights and arguements theres a time when ur signifgant
other decides to leave u and he did, left me .. broken
hearted,in love and hurt.granted my family loves him and
still does.. but i cant even say one word to him now.. its
all changed if u only knew how i really felt u'd never
understand.i let him walk all over me like its ok .. its
not, pussy is pussy why me? get it off the streetz
fuck it u pay for it.. i dont get it though, once i think
there might be a chance for me and him it all just stopps
and reality hitz like gurl please he dont want u and im at
square one.. i constantly searcch benith the surface of
this place we call earth to find another like him, hoping
and praying that u can maybe take this guy home to meet mom
and dad or say i want to be in love again.. or just be
happy.i realy dont know .. and i need to go to school i am
a very well educated person i dont want to waste my life at
gyroz up ur ass all my life, geez im so smart man its
unbeliveable i came from the hood with a bomb ass mind, im
so smart and brilliant i swear, i need to get my life
together my brothers gonna kill me he knowz it all thankz
mama big mouth , fuck it hes my #1 and its koo he reflect
on my future and its well beings, well im out till next
time everyone... till next time .. always jenny