my emotions..
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2005-02-22 11:46:22 (UTC)

another day,,,

well i was reading the other one and yea i meant if my leg
gets swolen and i gotta get a wooden leg ill kut him
up....but anywayz well today was ok.. got new things to
tell..hmmmm u really wanna know huh, my love life where do
i start.. well about polack he broke my heart many times
and now i cant say i regret being with him becaus i dont, i
loved him and i still do but not the kind of love that he
has my heart,ill always be here for him. but u know what im
not gonna wait on him forever to make his mind up, he
sprung we all know it i gave it to him the best way i could
but its sad he only came back for the sex, at least i know
i got that bomb ass pussy,but on some serous shit ive moved
on to some bigger and better things i've learned a lot from
my experiences and now i know .. i've made a lot of
mistakes that i can only learn from and use for future
references, ive been threw a lot . HMM... now i was talkin
to guys but i cant find what im looking for.. but well here
it goes.. i found a guy who might not look all that good to
everyone but to me, hes great, got a great personality and
sense of humour and always makes me laugh when im sad or
not he says shit to urkk me but hey o well.. he told me
that on the 20th we started dating, but i am kinda happy
though.. thats good hes a sweet heart though... ughh.. hes
like me and thats what i well all i gotta say is
ima continue this so watch out jenny from the blizzknock
will brb folkz.. always jenny :)