oh The AGONY!!!
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2005-02-22 09:38:29 (UTC)

phone call from meg doll

It`s a little after 5:30 and I just got home from work. I stayed after to help
Shindo sensei record a test for the second years. He kept saying "more
emotion" and making me do it over and over again. I told him enlgish
speakers don`t really talk like the cassettes that come with the text books
here. I mean, how much emotion can you put in the sentence, "There are
eight people in the room; two girls, 4 boys and Mr. and Mrs. Brown" Meg Doll
just called me. She sounded really depressed, and sleepy. I guess it is 2:30
in the morning in Kansas City. I guess anthony and colin are giving her a lot
of shit and brendan isn`t standing up for her. I think a lot of my friends`
friendships are changing back home. I felt it when I visited over winter break.
I know that meg can`t cope with it. She wants everyone to stay friends like
we were in college forever, but that`s just impossible. I wonder what it will
be like when I finally go back. If anyone will even still be talking to
eachother. Now I sound really depressed, but I`m just trying to get some
thoughts out before I have to go. The new night english class is starting
tonight. I originally started this entry with the intention to btich about that,
but I`ve run out of time. Maybe later.