The Adventures of Spiffy Space Guy
2005-02-22 07:40:20 (UTC)

The End!

It is a sad day when your ubucted by aliens cos you were
walking down their road. It is even sadder when they don’t
have a space ship. the cruise up to you in a crappy old
van that looks like it needs to sent to the bump. I was
like whistling a catchy tune whilst walking down this
street when the van cruised up and three little green
fucker jump out and like start shit with me. Me thinking
that Im so good I thought I could take them. I was winning
up until the point where one of the little shits hit me
over the head with an umbrella. I started to see stars and
then nothing. I didn’t go down without a fight I got one
the fuckers and was about to get the second when the third
got me. when I woke up I was in a dark room. with no doors
or windows. First off I was like how the fuck did they get
me in here and then secondly I was like who were those
little shitheads? It got me thinking, I really didn’t like
this because it made my head hurt. Who the fuck uses an
umbrella? then it hit me, This must be the working of
Samurai Sam!