Thoughts and Dreams
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2005-02-22 06:36:51 (UTC)


Yesterday was an okay day. Erik and I went to Trinity (my
home church) together. I had to leave that church a year
ago because for some reason I am unable to worship there. I
was on staff for four years and had to resign. And now
there are people saying, "Do you think Heather would come
back if we persuaded her to?" I was actually thinking about
what it would be like to still be there. I really do think
I would be miserable. But the thing is, since I left there,
I haven't been able to find a new church to attend. My
attendance in church is now weekly, but ends up being
sporadic in location. Church definitely isn't about my
entertainment or my getting something out of it, but the
only place I can find is the Sunday night service at
Southland with over 1000 college students. Something about
only going to church on Sunday night seems wrong. I feel as
though it's bad not to go in the morning. Anywho...Erik
and I went to Trinity for the AM service yesterday.

Later on, we went to the grocery and he studied while I
napped. We had dinner with Valli at Pazzo's on campus, and
it was great. I love Valli! She's the best friend ever!

Until next time,