Thoughts and Dreams
2005-02-22 06:26:19 (UTC)

I don't like Lori...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005
1:38 AM

I didn't see Erik at all today. I dropped him off at class
at 8:00 and went home to go to sleep. I slept until about
1:30 and then got up to get ready to teach my piano lessons
for today. They called and canceled, so I was lazy the rest
of the day. It pisses me off, though, 'cause Erik all of a
sudden calls at like 8 or 9pm and leaves a message that his
sister came to town for the evening without notice. Later,
his AIM said that Lori "just wanted to talk." He said, "I
wanted to invite you, but Lori was in a hurry, and I assumed
you were asleep. She was just picking up some food, but we
ended up hanging out longer than expected." I typed
sarcastically, "If Lori didn't want to see me, it's okay."
He said that that wasn't it at all. BS, that wasn't it. I
had a long talk with Lori about a week ago concerning my
relationship with Erik. So I know she told him what I said.
#1...Erik knows I have to teach piano, so I'm not asleep in
the evening, but rather in the afternoon (I work my other
job during third shift). #2...Why would Lori drive all the
way to Lexington from London (an hour-and-a-half away) just
to pick up some food. #3...If she was in such a hurry that
she couldn't wait for me to join them, then why did she stay
so long. #4...Lori NEVER comes to Lexington except to go
shopping which is VERY rare. Why all of a sudden is she
here? Erik doesn't know that I don't like Lori. She's 22
and thinks Erik's life is her business, but that no one can
know what her business is. Also, she's one of those who
thinks she knows everything and has all the answers, but she
doesn't apply it to herself and NO ONE on this earth can
offer her advice or tell anything. I REALLY don't like Lori
at this moment. I can't even stand being around her. And
when you talk to her....all she talks about is her boyfriend
(who's a complete asshole to her)'s always "Matt
this..." and "Matt that..." And that's ALL she talks about.
She won't let you talk about anything with her except Matt.
How selfish is that???

I'm tired of talking (typing)...

Until next time,