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2005-02-22 05:24:32 (UTC)

*gets all excited* i m so glad..

*gets all excited* i'm so glad you actually wrote... ^_^

oooooooooh tyler has your disc from computer class i
guess. either A he's going to give it to me, or B he's
going to find you or megan and give it to one of ya'll. so
lemme know where SOMEONE will be and who you want to give
it to whom and i'll let him know.

tonight has been a night....

joseph, i want you to know....

i love you, i'll always love you.... and no matter what
happens to you in your life i want you to do everything
for you. i want everything you do to be exactly what you
want and how you want it. and most of all i want you to be
completely happy... please do this for me

I love you....


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