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2005-02-22 05:09:14 (UTC)

Grew up in a small town

I have been suckered into creating an online journal,
primarily for the entertainment of my roommate who just
cannot get enough of me or so I like to think. Anyway,
the title of this journal entry came from the song
currently playing on my playlist and I have a feeling that
is how my titles will always be chosen. In any case, as
you all know I was brought up in an extremely small town
in Western New York. By small I mean I graduated with 82
kids in a high school consisting of grades 6-12. I'm just
saying that where I come from everyone knows everything
about everyone and everyone follows the stereotypes. In
different settings I was known as the athlete, the prep,
the troublemaker and the list goes on but at this point is
quite irrelevant.

I have made a lot of great friends over the years and it
should be noted. Yes at times everyone has their
squabbles but what it comes down to is whether they are
going to be there in the long run. I have currently been
reevaluating a lot of things in my life for the past few
months to kind of gauge what I'm doing with my life and it
is quite burdensome. I've still got nothing. I guess
what it came down to after high school is quite evident,
college. In our town half of the kids went to school and
the other half gets out into the workforce. Well, for my
group of friends it was obvious what the decision would
be, and let me say, choosing a college was one of the
hardest decisions I have had to make in my entire life.
You just do not know what you are getting yourself into
nor do you realize what a life altering decision this
actually ends up being. I could not be happier where I
ended up and the reason is obvious. Without my freshman
roommate I honestly do not think I would still be here. I
mean yes I can handle the work or whatever else college
gives but unless you really get out, get the college
experience, and branch out from the kids you grew up with,
you will be confined to a very small realm of existence.

It is not the fact that my friends from home made me laugh
endlessly and we had so many great memories. I will
always cherish them. However, you will never get the full
perspective on anyone and learn every single detail about
someone unless you live with them. I can honestly say
that I have learned a great deal about the things that
make people tick when you are confined to such quarters.
Living with Laura for three years might make some people
cringe, not because it is Laur, but solely for the reason
that they will soon learn everything there is to know
about someone. Well trust me, the good definately
overcompensate the bad in so many ways... the grass is
always greener on the other side.