Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-02-22 04:54:27 (UTC)

What a day!!!

Okay... so. A lot to say. Where to start...ummmm. here.
The concert went beautifully yesterday. It was so special
for me that my parents and grandmother got to be there. I
wanted them to hear what I was a part of and be proud
I knew they didn't understand before. Not only was it
wonderful that my family was there, but a lot of my
as well. I know that Lan, Rachel, Hank, and Rachel were
there. I was glad that Jon got to go to since he was
always working before when we performed. To everyone,
comments and presence made that concert very worth while
for me. Thank you a million times. I appreciate it, more
than you know. Ummm, after that, I went to my room and
tried to go to sleep, but I was wired. I put on pjs and
tried to lie down, but then i heard merkle outside. I
yelled to her and she yelled at me to come down, so I
my clothes back on and ran downstairs to hear her gush
about her soldier boy. I'm glad she has found momentary
happiness. She deserves some. Then I went back upstairs
to attempt to sleep again, but alas, no cigar. I was
bouncing around the room, much to Whitney's horror. That
went on for like two hours, and then Jon called and wanted
me to come downstairs. When he said that I was sure it
gonna be something bad, but it was wonderful. I threw my
clothes on again and went downstairs. We talked and
off for like two hours and then decided we were hungry and
there wasn't time to sleep before class. He suggested
we both go take showers and then meet and go eat. So we
did. The chicken I had at Jerry's was spectacular!!!
It was wonderful to spend friendly time with him. It was
good not to be awkward and to be myself around him again.
I miss that. I miss being his friend, he's always mine,
but sometimes I pan out to be more of a nuisance than a
friend. (At this point I will supress my fright at
reading that some wonderful girl gave him her
number ...deep breath...I'm okay.) So we got back at like
six, and despite our valliant talk of staying up all
we parted ways and I slept like a rock until 8:30 at which
point I said "Screw Religion" the class not the idea, (not
a good idea I might add) and slept until 9:50, threw on
fresh clothes and went to Comm 111. I made it through all
my classes awake but then slept like a rock just before
Carmina rehearsal. Now, even as long as this is, I have
left out important things. Well, one I realize I can't
write hear because it was entrusted to me by someone else,
but so help me it pisses me off! Secondly however, I have
big decision to make. Brad asked me to go with him and
Emily and Rianne and Ben and I'm assuming Jessica and some
other people to North Carolina for spring break. It would
be a blast, but I don't know if I can get by with it. It
poses lots of problems, but the library is about to close
so I'll make it quick. For one, I'm supposed to get a
retainer for my teeth during spring break, but we'll be
gone the entire time. Secondly while it's cheap for the
circumstances 200 dollars is a lot of money for me right
now. but on the other hand... I have never gone anywhere
with just a group of friends before...especially for
break. I deserve to live and be a college kid like
everyone else! I wanna go to!!! I sound more like a 5
old than a college student but we'll see how it turns
Well, here's to a good weekend. Let's hope I survive the

Final thought: O Savior of the world who by thy cross and
thy precious blood hast redeemed us. Save us! Help us! We
humbly beseech thee, O Lord!

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