Just a little unwell
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2005-02-22 03:46:02 (UTC)

Work sucks

So I work at AMC, I've been promoted to supervisor, and I
hate every minute of it. I guess being at least 8 years
older than everyone else there, and the only married
woman, isn't the only thing truly wrong. Part of me
thinks that watching these kids make the same dumb ass
mistakes I've made in my life has something to do with
it. I think deep down it might have something to do with
the fact that I just need more money. Enough of my work
woes, there's going to be plenty of those in the future.

So, in an effort to get out of part time pergatory, I'm
going to take my NCTMB. I love massage therapy. I love
being able to help someone's total being, rather than just
their body. Now I'm just studying.

I decided to drop out of the nursing program so I could
devote my time to study, as strange as that seems. I had
to drop out of school to study? What is the world coming
to. In the mean time, I'm going to try to lose weight.
Being 26 with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and
polycystic ovarian syndrome really doesn't make me feel
good about my direction in life. Screw it. Who needs to
live long and have kids anyway, right... Right? Okay,
I'm really bad at sarcasm. I screwed up and did this to
myself. I have to get myself out.