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2005-02-22 03:00:03 (UTC)

Here--In Melbourne

The plane delayed for three hours.poor me!!!Originally i
was supposed to be back here at 5:25 a.m However, due to
the delay , haven't had i arrive untill 8:45a.m.tiring.
Lucky me, my lugguage was extremely overweight..Didn't
manage to call anyone to go to the airport with me coz i
have been flying in and out Hong Kong for thousand times
and dun want them to be absent from work or
uni......However , at 10:45a.m found that i've really got
too much luggage......get to found someome to go with me,
in case they dun allow me to get on the plane , someone
can bring it back for me......Chicken, unluckily was the
one i picked up again....ever have i had trouble, he will
be the one who suffer....Sori for that man....u are my

Arrive in Singapore at 5:15 p.m .......Absent minded me ,
again left my new down jacket on the plane, found it out
after a while...Luckily , got it back....

Then shopped in Singapore airport till 9:45p.m..Tried to
take pic there with my broth's camara..However, no
Really do I start to enjoy being alone, Never did i enjoy
it since i was born.....

When i got to Melbourne, found that my overweighted
luggage was actually checked into the business
class...So happy, as the flight attendants were so good to
me......I really appreciate.....I've been having bad image
bout Cathay Pacific since the first time i got a plane
from Hong Kong to Melb..However, found it's really depends
on the human charater instead of the airline.Thanks for
that........Of course again need to thanks chick la..^3^

Finally got back to Melbourne, when i made my way
home....Feeling missing sth.....Missing talking on the
phone discontinously......Feeling a vacancy in heart....

Saw sleepy.he's still as energetic as he much change.....
The ver importand
person's the first time
i meet him here in Melbourne.....i should say the first
time i meet a family member here.......Love the feeling!!!

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