a skaters journal
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2005-02-22 01:35:59 (UTC)

first time

well.....first of all, you all can call me emma. i'm 17
and i'm a senior. i used to have an online journal at Open
Diary, but that got outta hand. i realized that i can't
live without keeping a journal, so here i am.

my interests....
i'm a beginner at skateboarding and it would be awesome if
i became pro. i don't make it my top priority though, so
it doesn't look like that's ever gonna happen. i'm always
talking to someone...i'm a gemini and we rule in wonder. but i also need some me time,
so i write in journals about everything that comes to
mind. i like to cook, even though i can only make a few
things. i LOVE mexican food and i can make some really
tasty mexican dishes. i like reading aytobiographies, and
i'm currently in the middle of EARL, the autobiography of

i love all kinds of music..yes, even some country songs
are good. some of my all time favorite artists are:
Linkin Park
Blink 182
The Ataris
The Killers
Sum 41
Obie Trice

my looks.....
i'm about 5'5''. i have long, curly, brown hair. i weigh
about 130 lbs. i dress like a skater (my favorite store is

my past.....
i'll admit it. i was, and still am, considered
a "druggie". i started smoking pot when i was a sophomore
and i got addicted. i could not go a day without it. but
about 2 years later, my family found out and of course i
was punished. they never talked to me about the dangers
and other shit that happens when you do drugs. so i never
stopped. i wasn't scared of being punished, since that's
all that would happen to me. then about half a year later,
my best friend, we'll call him josh, and i smoked pot that
was laced, which means it had other more-dangerous drugs
in it. josh blacked out and told his mom everyting. the
next day, his mom had a long talk with me. i realized it
wasn't worth doing drugs anymore. she never told my mom
though. if she would have, i would probably be in rehab
right now. i haven't stopped drinking yet. my drinking
hasn't been outta control, i can control myself with that.
plus i don't drink as often as i did before, where i was
getting wasted almost every weekend and sometimes during
the week. the last time i got drunk was new years eve 2005
and the last time i did any drugs was october 2004.
i'm not a druggie anymore, but i still look like one,
dressing like a skater doesn't really make me look
innocent either.

future goals....
i've always worked in restaurants and someday soon i'm
going to open and run my own coffee shop. i volunteer in a
coffee shop one day a week and became very involved with
it. it's a christian coffee shop, but of course everyone
can come in and get coffee. they have a youth group every
wednesday night which is awesome. it introduced me to god.

i love all kinds of guys! it's easy to find someone that i
like. i haven't had a boyfriend for a couple months now,
but i'm planning on getting one soon! i like this guy,
lets call him Ben, and i heard that he likes me too. so
we'll see what happens with that. Ben was in a couple of
my classes last year and he goes to youth group. so we
hang out every wednesday. plus, he's totally hot!