2005-02-22 00:11:57 (UTC)

President's Day

I had an email message from a local newspaper reporter
asking for my phone number as I'd nominated Mary Glynn and
her work with Heavenly Angels in Need for a special feature
edition they are doing so I'll probably be speaking with her
tomorrow. The reporter wants to know how I know her and
what I know about the work she does. Although Mary lives in
only about fifteen miles from me I've never met her in
person. I became involved with her group last year when I
was searching for a Lenten discipline and narrowed it down
to knitting for charity. I knit forty preemie caps and made
six burial gowns for Doernbecher Children's Hospital in
Portland and then last summer made a number of little caps,
booties and sweaters for a military hospital.
Today is President's Day, a holiday I find hard to get used
to. I'm used to celebrating Lincoln's birthday on February
12th and Washington's birthday on February 22nd. It seems
odd to lump them both together and then celebrate on a day
which is neither of their birthdays but is a Monday so it
gives people who get the day off--John isn't one of them--a
three day weekend.