MY LIFE.. or something kinda like it
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2005-02-22 00:11:18 (UTC)

I want OUT!!

It's getting more tense in this house every day. I don't
think it's ever going to get any easier. Not that I expect
it to.

My mom has been horrible to Teddy for the past few days.
I mean, she ain't saying anything, but if looks could
Teddy ain't use to the moodiness that hangs over this
house. He is now, tahnks to living here for about 3 years
now. He's not accustom to people just flatly talking to
each other like they ain't shit.

My parents are the most intense people you'll ever meet.
My mom wouldn't be if she didn't have to live w/ my dad.
But b/c she does, she's getting to be that way too. For
the most part, we haven't had any problems up until

My parents aren't happy w/ each other, despite what either
of them might say. My dad is not happy unless he's ragging
on someone about something. My mom seems to think we are
supose to read her mind, when it comes to her being in a
mood or whatever.

she just acts like she don't want us to be here lately.
Except for Alyssa of coarse
I want nothing more than to get out of this house.

Not to mention, They don't get very much "mamaw and papaw"
time, b/c they live w/ her so they see her all the time.

I think that there time together will be more special when
we don't live here anymore. Plus, me and Teddy will be
able to live in peace.

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