Yolanda Pagan

too much drama
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2005-02-21 23:46:12 (UTC)

dear friends

dear friends,
i am not your fucking patient i dont need you to gtre in
my head and try to figure me out i am to stressed to hear
about your problems i have problems of my own and a mouth
too i mean shit do it look like i care if you talk to that
slut megan fuck no i dont that shit dont get me jealous i
am to old to be playing them games i mean grow up seniors
here not 1st graders i am trying to graduate and do my
work not play around so wat i didnt party with u on friday
it was my best friends birthday she needed me i dont want
to get drunk ui aint u guys i have dreams and goals yeah i
had my share of mistakes thats part of growing up learning
so why dont u hop of my back and grow the fuck up !!!!