Love Dies At Last
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2005-02-21 21:57:12 (UTC)

sunday 2*20*05

okay well yesterday was alotta fun lets see me and allie
got home aroung 6:15 am from baby sitting then woke up at
8:50 to go to church and we wanted to go to tacobell then
to the park but seth, michael, and chris ended up comming
well chris is friends w/ alan and so he was like lets go
up to alans work so we went up there that made me happy
cuz i like alan well allie called him that nite and was
like me and amanda think u should call mary and he called
me!!! ahh i was so frickin happy!! I really hope something
happens w/ us cuz i really like him but i dont know if he
likes me or not bu i think he knows that i like him! if he
calles me someone ima tell him that i like him cuz then i
might have a chance if he starts calling cuz that means
that he might wanna talk to me i wanna call him but im not
gonna cuz idk but hes just as shy as me!!owell well ima go

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