Stage Addict
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2005-02-21 21:39:35 (UTC)

Showchoir Upchuck

I had showchoir rehersal today. I'm actually supposed to
be there now.
I have been sick on and off for the past 3 or 4 weeks.
and this weekend has just been murder. well I went to
practice feeling like crap. Since we had to go into the
Theater,which is next to the workshop, the moment I walked
in the smell from the workshop twisted my stomach the
wrong way.

As we were doing warmups my throat started getting
scratchy and i'm like ok I can still try to dance. later
my stomach started hurting more,and I went to Lewis
(director) and asked him for keys to the bathroom. I
totally lost breakfast and lunch.

after being in the bathroom for like 15 minutes, I tried
to stay I just sat and listened to my group sing. plus
Mommy Lee(one of the girls in my group that is like a
sister to me) she gave my some pills for my cramps.

10 minutes later I'm back in the bathroom. so I can't keep
Anything down. so Stainbrook(other Director) told my to go

So I'm sitting here with a Sprite so I can calm my stomach
down. and I'm hungry but i can't hold anything down. and
I'm a bit sleeping,so See Ya.

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