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2005-02-21 20:50:32 (UTC)

3: The Pre-Party

Chapter Three
“I wonder if Aaron is going to be at Kyle’s?” I
asked running the hot iron through my hair. I was standing
in front of my mirror while Lauren and Tory were in my
room putting on make up.
“I’m sure he will.” Lauren said. “Sorry if that’s
a bad thing.”
“No, it’s not. I’m just nervous.” I said. “I
haven’t seen him in about a week and we didn’t exactly
break up on good terms.” I said with a laugh. I felt
confident though. I felt like if he was there, something
good was going to happen between us. I really wanted to
see him.
I fixed the part in my auburn hair so that the
part was on the side and my bangs kind of hung in front on
my left eye. I looked in the full length mirror next to my
shower. I was wearing my new red turtle neck I had gotten
for Christmas and a pair of khakis. They were size four
and a little tight. That’s okay, I thought. I didn’t want
to get down on myself just as I was getting ready to
leave. I was actually feeling a little confident because
I’d felt that I looked good. I walked into my bedroom
where Tory was standing in front of my mirror putting on
make up and Lauren was looking at pictures.
“Katy!” Lauren shouted. “You look hot!” She said
eyes wide.
“Haha thanks Laur.” I laughed. “I tried.”
“Wow, Kate, you do look hot!” Tory said winking at
me. “You must really want him back.” She said grinning.
“No, I just want to look good so I can shake my
ass on the other guys that will be there.” I joked. We all
“Well if Aaron doesn’t notice how beautiful you
really are, then there must be something wrong with him.”
Lauren said. She is such a sweet heart. I thought to
“Thanks.” I said and hugged her. I actually felt
really happy right now. I think it was because I looked
great and I was going to be having fun with my two best