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2005-02-21 20:49:43 (UTC)

2: Girls Night Out

Chapter Two
“Are you sure these don’t look too tight?” I asked
Tory. I was talking about my size four jeans that had fit
me perfectly five days ago.
“They look fine!” She said. “It’s probably just
your imagination.” She said still looking at them.
“I hope so.” I said looking down at myself. I
really did hope so. I was in the kitchen getting with Tory
getting drinks for the other girls. Everyone was here,
except Tai, but she was usually late for everything
anyway. Just as I was walking back into the living room
she walked in the door.
“Hey Tai!” I said smiling and gave her a tug. She
squeezed me tightly.
“It’s good to see that someone finally moved their
butt out of bed.” She laughed. I didn’t know if I should
have taken that as a compliment or not, but I just
“Did you get new jeans for Christmas?” She
asked ‘checking’ me out.
“No, these are old ones.” I grinned, but felt
“Oh. They look different or something.” Tai said.
She looked me up and down and then smiled. Tai, she has
always been the honest one. I must have really gained
weight. I looked over at Tory who was just starring at me
with her, “I feel bad” face.
“Ha, nope, they are just some old ones.” I said
giving her a fake laugh. I wondered if anyone else had
noticed. Maybe it was all in my head, just like Tory had
“So, what are we doing ladies?” Another one of my
best friends, Lauren had asked.
“Well we can just sit and talk or we can get in
the hot tub or we could watch a movie.” Tory said standing
in the entrance way to her living room.
“Let’s invite some college guys over and get
drunk!” Tai said raising an eyebrow. Everyone laughed,
except me. I didn’t want any college guys. I wanted Aaron.
“Maybe if my parents weren’t home.” Tory laughed.
“Kate, your mom isn’t home, let’s go to your
house!” Anna said.
“No way! My house is a mess!” I said. I wasn’t
lying either. It was a big mess. I was a big mess.
“Let’s just et in the hot tub.” Lindsey said. “We
can have our good ole’ talks.”
“Let’s eat.” Lauren laughed. “I’m starving!”
“You’re always starving!” Tai said laughing at her.
“That’s because fat girls starve.” Lauren said
making fun over herself.
“Shut up.” Tory said rolling her eyes.
“Yeah, you’re not even fat.” Anna said. It’s not
that Lauren was fat. She wasn’t fat at all. She was just
chubby. She had a great personality and a really pretty
face to make up for it though. She was always trying
diets, but they never seemed to work out for her. She
thinks the reason she doesn’t have a boyfriend is because
of her weight. It was basically because she was picky when
it came to guys and she always got shy around them and
would never tell them how she felt.
“I’m still on the whole inviting the college guys
over idea.” Tai said smiling.
“It’s winter break, and most of them are gone
anyway.” Lindsey said. “Let’s just get in the hot tub and
catch up on old times.” Everyone laughed at Lindsey’s
“Fine, but I’m changing first.” Tai said grabbing
her bag and she walked straight into the bathroom.
“I’ll go in your room.” Lindsey said.
“I’ll go in the other bathroom.” Anna said
following behind Lindsey. Even within our group, we still
had the little cliques. Anna and Lindsey had been best
friends since the fourth grade, Lauren was basically a
friend to everyone, but more Tory and I and Tai had just
always been there.
“I don’t want to get in the hot tub.” Lauren said
putting her hands down to cover her stomach. “Tai always
looks at me like I’m gross when I’m in my bathing suit.”
“That’s because it’s Tai. She looks at everyone
like their gross, but you know she doesn’t really think
that.” Tory said trying to make her feel better.
“Why didn’t she just tell me that my jeans looked
too tight instead of egging me on to say it myself?” I
said rolling my eyes.
“They don’t look tight!” Tory shouted, but
laughed. “Get over it skinny ass!” We both laughed.
“What do you mean?” Lauren asked looking at me
confused. “You think you’re fat?”
“No, I don’t think I’m fat. I just feel fat
because all I’ve been doing is laying around and eating
this whole break.” I explained.
“Because of Aaron?” Lauren asked. She gave me a
big hug. “At least you don’t look like me.” She said.
“Shut up, Lauren.” I laughed. “You’re so pretty.”
“Whoa! Check me out!” Tai said walking out of the
bathroom in her two-piece bikini . . . her very small two
piece bikini. No one said anything, we just all kind of
looked at her. “I’m just kidding, geeze guys.” We knew she
wasn’t kidding. Tai was very pretty and had a celebrity’s
body, but she was so full of herself and such a drama
queen and that’s what had made her unattractive. She also
had a problem keeping boyfriends. A lot of them used her
for sex and it never seemed to bother her.
“Okay, since we’re getting in the hot tub and I
look extremely hot right now, we should definitely invite
some guys over.” Tai said pulling her blond hair in a pony
“Get over the guys’ idea!” Lindsey laughed as she
walked out of the bathroom. Anna followed behind her
rolling her eyes.
“Yeah, I guess there will be plenty of time to get
some kind of ass tomorrow at Kyle’s party . . . you guys
are going, right?” Tai asked wrapping her towel around her
tiny tan waist. “I mean even Kyle would work. He’s really
sexy now.” She said. Kyle graduated last year from our
school and he had his own house in town. He was always
throwing parties at his house and practically invited
everyone he knew. As soon as Tai said something about
Kyle, I immediately looked at Lauren. She has had the
biggest crush on him since we were freshmen and he wasn’t
even that cute back then. Lauren just looked at me and
rolled her eyes. I laughed on the inside because I knew
exactly what she was thinking . . . “That slut,” but at
the same time I felt bad for Lauren because she knew Tai
could get him if she wanted.
“I’m going to go change. Are you two getting in?”
Tory asked looking at Lauren and me.
“Yeah.” We both said and followed Tory back to the