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Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist...
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2005-02-21 20:44:32 (UTC)

Hoppy House Tree...

Well earlier Richard wasn't very happy... I don't know
why... i spent ages with him and danni and rob today, it was
great fun!
I think richard has found this diary... but i'm not sure...
oh no, wait i think my sister might have been speaking to
him, and just quoted my diary...
Oh no, fuck... i think he has found it... oh this is so
i don't know why, but i really don't want him reading
this... oh now wait, he's just told me that he's been
speaking to my sister, and she told him! lol so he hasn't
found it! YAY! lol
Not that theres anything bad in here about him or anything,
i just didn't particularly want him reading everything i
think about him! lol
Anyways, he wasn't in a very good mood earlier, but wouldn't
tell me why... he says he's depressed about something, but i
don't know what?!
I do love him... he's so sweet, and nice, and pretty and
everything... but lately he's been very off with me... i
stayed over his on saturday night with danni and rob, and it
was really good fun... but i got kinda irritated at the fact
that he was ignoring me for most of the night, unless he
wanted something! he was just hangin out with rob for
basically the whole night. I mean, it doesn't bother me that
he's got history with rob or anything, or even that he may
still like him, its just the fact that he didn't pay me any
attention for the whole night! usually i wouldn't mind
something like that from other people, but from my own
boyfriend is a bit odd... however i've spoken to him about
it and hopefully its sorted!
I really hope this change anything between us.
Anyway, i spent most of the day with him today, and he was
fine with me! (kinda) so maybe he was just off that day! lol
Anyways, i'll tlk later maybe!

Nite nite xxx