My diary
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2005-02-21 19:42:09 (UTC)

president's day

well today theres no school!

~my party for my dad's side of the family was yesterday...i
got jeans, a shirt, a change purse, lots of $money$, and a
DIRECTOR'S CHAIR! its so awesome its got black fabric and
it is soooo comfy. i use it a lot!

~rite now i workin on proficiency #3 and i did all my other

~just to let everyone know i got rid of the stupid "quiz
your friends" thing because some people took it
personally...oh well now its gone
~i just did some laundry woo hoo

~from this day there's 31 more days until disney!!!yey

~lol at my party we played some rounds of scategories
(spell check) and one of the categories was street names.
my cousin billy thouht that meant "yo man, what's ur street
name?" hahahahaha it was sooo funny like he thought it
meant like g-doggy-fizzle or something when we're all
writin down Green St. or something....wow nice one

the look on my face was classic one moment they were all
lit and the next they're blown out! awww i felt so bad for
colton though because he thought he was gonna get in
trouble so he started crying!! well they relit the candles
and i got to blow them out!

well, that's all for now
luv y'all