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2005-02-21 16:59:46 (UTC)

So yesterday work sucked. I..

So yesterday work sucked. I stood around the whole time.
Bill stopped in to see me. That made me happy. I havent
talked to him in a long time. Heather broke up with him, so
I feel bad for him. Oh well i think he can do way better
than that anyways. So my boyfriend is a moron. He calls me
at work to see whether or not I wanted to go riding, and i
did. Then he told me that he had some stuff that he wanted
to talk about with me. And he told me that next weekend he
is leaving for Florida. WAY to go Tim! ruin the last hour
at work. I was basically in tears. I hung up on him. ha.
Then he called back and i apoligized for hanging up and i
told him he was an idiot for telling me at work when he
knows that it's the one thing that upsets me. So after work
Jim brought me over to Tim's Dad's house. We got ready and
went riding. We had to stop at the gas station....then we
stopped at his aunt's house and visited with them for a
little bit, and then we went home. It was freezing out. I
stayed warm for the most part except for my fingers because
i had on shitty gloves, and my chin because air goes up the
helmet right there. So when we got home he told me that he
doesnt want money from me for the 4-wheeler because it
wouldnt be fair to me. So that's fine. Now i can spend my
money on better things.
So when Tim leaves he will be missing our anniversary
which will make me upset. our one year is march 25th. We
were talking about it on the way to go get movies and he
was like "i'm ganna miss you that's for sure" and i just
started crying. I have done it before. He left for Florida
last summer and I was fine. I actually had a lot of fun.
ha. I told him that if he doesn't call me for 5 days
straight again i'm ganna beat him. So i will be fine. I'm
just going to miss him terribly. But what sucks is
isnt the summer yet. And march is the longest month in the
school year so it's ganna suck. eh oh well

i need to go shower...and clean my room

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