My lil life!
2005-02-21 14:59:25 (UTC)

Feb21 UM..Boycott Boycott...

Dear Diary,

All this talk of boycott boycott.. United Mapuans have
ditched CSC’s. and they calling on everyone to join in and
boycott classes. How I wish everybody cooperates. I
boycotted my first class today only to learn that we did
indeed have a class because some persons entered the class,
the professor had to teach. Once someone enters the class
the teacher has to teach cause that’s what they are paid to
do. But if no one goes in, there will be no classes.
But some people don’t really understand what it is w are
doing when we boycott. Not just for the sake of boycotting,
but its all in the fight to keep our school name. The reason
why we Boycott is because the CSC made a deal with the
administration the there will be no formal protest during
the period of negotiations and they made that deal without
consulting us(that is why UM ditched CSC) we now have to
honor that agreement and since when cannot protest, the
boycott is the only way we could have a silent protest.

But I did however attend my last class cause it was a quiz..

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