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2005-02-21 09:43:35 (UTC)

This ain't my 18th..

I was ment to be at the bus stop with mv and lm now. I got
txt this morning off mv saying "Txt bac so I kno u kno it's
bad weather"..anyway, i phoned her and apparantely lm can't
get through because of snow. WHATEVER. there's hardly any
fucking snow. so, now we ain't going. absolutely fucking
typical. i shoulda known. the first chance lm can come up
with any excuse to get out of going - she will. fuck them.
fuck 'em, the stupid c***s. i phoned sa, n she won't answer
her phone. god, remember the "Friends vs. Aquantinces"
i posted a couple of days back..that's alll making sense

i've just realised..this ain't my 18th. i don't know what
is, although it kinda makes sense now. my mother putting a
pic in the paper..even tho i told her weeks in advance i
didn't want one; dad/tracey's birthday cake; nan.a's
birthday cake; dad getting liz to get me a card/money, when
normally she'd never even think about it. the first thing
father says when he rings up is "have u phoned ur nan to
thank her for the money yet", n i'm like..yeah, it's my
birthday today, thanks.

this ain't my fucking 18th..it's nothing more than a coming
together/celebration of the masses. or hell, maybe it's
a competition between each side of the family as to who can
out-do each other. i don't know, but i'm pissed off, and i
don't like it one damn bit.


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