Experimental Psychology
2005-02-21 09:29:49 (UTC)

Hill 2-18

Measuring behaviors

What types of behaviors may be measured for experiments?

-Overt behaviors (e.g.,task performance, accuracy, errors,
-Self-reports (e.g.,questionnaires, interviews)
-Recordings of physical and biological behavior

Let's review construct and how they're measured

-Hypothetical factors to explain inferred, unobservable
influences on behavior
-Operational definitions_ procedures to measure or form

Permit empirical's create Iv's and Dv's

Examples from in class exercise

-Memory_ length of time given in a room (IV)
number of items recalled in a time (DV)

Evaluating measures: reliability

Is it a "good" measure?

_repeatability of measure
-precision, exactness, accuracy, consistency
-A function of amount of measurement error present

Litte measurement error= reliable

Types of reliability

-Inter-rater -between observers
-Test-retest _=of times test taken
-Internal consistency (inter_item)- odd-even split-half
-Alternative forms -versions