slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-02-21 16:27:10 (UTC)

subdiary 21-02-05

good afternoon my Master,
today has been so long. mondays are always a problem after
the week end. i cant wait to spend some time with You again
Sir. i miss You so much. i miss Your interaction with me.
i miss the way You express Yourself. my whole soul misses
You so much. i understand that i have wrecked all W/we had.
i understand that for U/us there is a new different start,
a more stuctured relationship. i am so happy that You still
want me Sir as i desire You with everything i have Sir. my
days are so long knowing that i wont see You until our
scheduled nights now Sir. i have not missed one night of
the preslumber task You have given me Sir. i follow them to
the letter and feel i am a better person for it. i still
have to keep my back covered Sir.