Technically Speaking...
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2005-02-21 05:23:17 (UTC)


For a change... Well guess what!!! Today is day 5, like you
care *&&&@@@***, you know what, these days go so fast...Is
interesting how when you are working they take forever, ah,
last week I went skiing with JOTO and Charl, what an
adventure, I was burned out and exhausted pretty fast due
to the bad weather, I guess it felt like 17, anyways, next
time I prefer to try ice skating, just for the heck of it,
there's nothing, absolutely nothing to do in here but to
look through the window and see the white horizon, which
btw, reminds me how cooooold is inside, my mil laughs about
it, basically to the lack of insulation, low temperature I
have to take, and the uncomfortable sorrounding in general,
OOOOOHHH!, yeah right the DDD people are frugal, frugal is
what my ass is going to be once I'm done w/my project. But
as a good DDDD, always reminding me to get a job :), I
don't know if it's the Z or my latest experiences, but 1
thing I've learned is to take it easy, take LIFE easy, you
will never be loved or -liked- by EVERYBODY, being liked by
a few who are really there is what's meaningful. I like
that medication, I would recommend it, there's just the
apparent weight gain that bothers my concience, but I
haven't notice any...maybe that was told by some lazy asses
who blame their superfluous body mass to anything but what
they put on their mouth or the time spent as couch
potatoes, but who cares...I feel OK, my face has some
blemishes and I look tired, wonder if it's the caffeine,
one day they say is bad for you, the next is that it
prevents cancer, why????? Tomorrow is Monday, I'm going to
make the biggest effort to be up by 9, turn on the tv so
the noise wakes me up, add some cal free jello to that
plain yogurt that tastes like shhhhhh, not that I've tried
it, and shake my booty :)(:, then I'm going to look for a
job and call those cred people who made a stupid mistake in
my certification, I'm looking forward to increase my
workout library, and today I did a little bashing due to
some romi girl, who Harri was giving personal advice, and
then it wasn't personal, well he now knows there's nothing
secret between heaven and earth. I wish all my life was
like that, just worrying about beautifying my face and
butt, doing my nails, going shopping, traveling, and beauty
resting, who knows!!! Hopefully :) But even, I'm no lazy