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2005-02-21 03:18:11 (UTC)

Surviving the snow

Today was the most horrendous day for snow in northwestern
Pennsylvania. It figures it was also the day that I had to
drive back up to school after a Wonderful, yet very short,
weekend home. It was really fun. I miss it so much already!

Anyway at least I didn't have to drive. This girl that went
to high school wht me also goes to the same college as me,
as did my roommate, who I really don't get along with
anymore. It's really strange to me now, bc I used to think
she was a lot different. After all, I've known her since
3rd grade. When we got up here, however, she changed
completely. Let's call her Jeannette (a funny story is
behind this that I really shouldn't know about her.)

I guess I'm just feeling really awful lately, bc nothing has
been working out. My life before college was nearly
perfect, and now I feel entirely lost! I hate the school I'm
at, I hate my roommate who once was one of my best friends,
I never get to see my boyfriend of over two years (the
infamous Dave), and I miss my family! Also, I am so broke.
When I got here, my bank account was near two thousand, and
now it's below four houndred and i have two credit cards and
four loans.

I need to stop worrying I guess. My problems will hopefully
be over soon, bc I am transferring to another school this
fall. I can't wait. It's jsut sad, bc this had been my
dream school for so long, and then I got here. Not one
happy memory exists from this place, besides when my mom,
grandma, and brother visited, and when Dave stayed for the
weekend nearly four months ago.

I will be attending the same school as my boyfriend...and
though I feel somewhat guilty bc of it, I am also delighted!
Many advantages exist...I will see him all of the time, for
one! And I can now come home every weekend bc I will be so
much closer to home now... and school will cost me now about
30, 000 cheaper! Yep, those are some advantages, I'd say!