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2005-02-21 01:30:22 (UTC)

sunday febuary 20,2005

hey yall.. I went to my grandpa house today. and watched
daytona 500 i was so pissed off that gordon won.. JR
should have won that race.. if they didnt have that last
caustion third lap from finish no doubt in my mind JR
would have won that race.. but oh well whata gonna do
about it..

New News.. i could be going to muncy high school next
year. well you see i live with my grandma now.. and shes
planing on moving because she doesnt like montgomery
anymore.. so my mom my bro and me are looking at my uncles
house in muncy and my dad and mom are really think about
buying it.. it sounds bad now but it shouldnt be.. ill
have my license by then and ill be able to travel to
montgomery and visit buddies and its not like it 8 hours
away like it is from vagina.. and best off all this house
has a pool.. so maybe ill get some chicks to go skinny
dippin during the summer oh yeah.. lol..

well i dont have much more to write now.. i
want to go call catt before its to late.. she cant talk on
the phone after 9 and its 830 now so i better go call her..

talk to guys later,,,,,,,,,,,nick

hey guy back i just got off the phone with catt we talk
alittle. and then she asked me for the time.. i told her i
didnt want to tell her because i knew she would have to
get off so i told her to tell u dad it was 830 but she
knew it wasnt and we talk a few more minute and she
got..off..i told her i wuved her but im not sure she heard
me because the phone went click .

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