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2005-02-21 01:19:32 (UTC)


I was walking into our kitchen and my dad said "what's on
your shirt" and grabbed the back of my hoodie i pulled
away b/c i didn't want any tattoo showing and i guess it
wasn't a smart move b/c he held on and i exposed.... the
tattoo... that was fun let me tell you. after about a half
hour of "are you on drugs" because of course if you have a
tatto you've got to be a coke addict. it's kind of a
relief actually because i don't have to freak about my
back showing. i told dad that if i had gotten the tattoo
just to piss him off i would have showed it to him as soon
as i got home but i kept it secret so that i wouldn't
cause grief.
I went to the grocery store for mom today, when i was on
the way home i saw adam walking into pizza hut so i honked
at him and waved, he waved back, and that was about it. i
haven't talked to him since friday because i want him to
call me. i feel like i keep calling him and he never calls
me so it makes me think that he's probably not really into
me. i don't know how guys think... guys always say that
girls need to just say what they're thinking and i would
if i didn't think he was still in love with anna. i'm
really scared to hear "i don't think of you like that"
come out of his mouth. that fear has kept me from telling
him so far. but on the other hand if i never tell him
anything then i won't know if the answer could
be "really?! me too" but i'll probably just end up keeping
it locked up, on second thought maybe i'll call him as
soon as i get to New Jersey and say "hey i just wanted to
call and say i'm madly in love with you but now i'm in
jersey so just wanted you to know"

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