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2005-02-20 21:47:04 (UTC)


30. frigging 30. I'm not suppose to be 30 yet. I'm too
young to be 30.

ok enough of that. I'm actually excited for this coming
year. See I don't like doing new year promises. I like to
do it from my birthday. Looking back over last
what a year. I spend most of it in Iraq. I paid off my
bills. Paid off my car and more importantly..I met Mary.
She as become so important to me. Fast? yeah but I really
do think this is right.

I keep thinking about meeting and how we have just fit
together so well. Even things we don't agree about (how
can she not like tomatoes and football), there is much
more we do..and we trust each other. To be honest..I
didn't feel like this with Jean. I see her for a long time
in my life. She makes me laugh, makes me happy. She thinks
about me and does little things like sending me ecards and
calling me just cause.

She is a pretty special woman. I love her..just don't tell
her's our secret ::shhh::

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