Tears of a Fallen Soul
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2005-02-20 19:20:56 (UTC)

So Bored .

Wow .... Sunday isn't even over yet and I feel like I'm
going to die from boredom.... I really hate Sundays and my
week is going to be EXTREMELY fucked up.... if you want to
know why e-mail me at [email protected] and ask
because it's to personal for me to put in this gay ass
journal... and yeah... I know what you're thinking... if
it's gay why are you writting in it.. right? well it gives
me something to do to heal my boredom temporarily... and I
still have yet to deal with all of today's drama.... Shawn
and Rache talked last night and he left me a voice mail
saying he really needed to talk to me and that's not good
because he rarely even calls to talk to me ... and wow I'm
slowly piecing together what's going on but it's taking me
a while ... but when I get all the info I'll let you know
for sure... and yeah lol .... I'm off to go find something
to keep my mind of other shit.... I'll probably just end up
playing FFR for a while...
~*~*Yours Truly*~*~
*~*Waffo Geek*~*

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