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2005-02-20 19:06:57 (UTC)

i tired 2 giv u up but im addicted

well now bn bk 2 skoolio 4 a bit an sum1 told me that
theres only bout 6 wks 2 go WOOOOO! sounds so good! so
2day bn cruising abt in me automobile lol an doin me
english dissertaion BOOO! im fucked 4 this stoopid fing!
oh an failed me adv english prelim god damn!nah it werent
2 bad 1 mark off of passin an its not like i woz the worst
so theres still a chance 4 me passin the final ---HA HA
neways dun good in me modern studies (me an Elmo Green got
A's all the way...YER!) an art went gr8 an all altho only
got half the marks bk so far but still Fabi,Got a
conditional 4 Cally an all *go me* lol fings rn't lookin 2
shabby these dayz still duno wot im wantin 2 do or where
im wantin 2 go yet! Gilli-bean went 2 sum of hur uni info
dayz an that an me finks shes gona b goin 2 wales (home
town of lostprophets) BUT im like hardly ever gona c hur
it'll b like once a yr or sumink! she bettr not 4get me
grrr.... hee hee nah *good luck chick*
Elmo Green came up wiv the idea that me, hur an chezza
shld all share a flat 2gether in our 2nd yr at uni! that
wld b amazin! unlikely but it wld (in larkhaw patter) a
neways test date comin sooner an sooner! ahhh its scary
altho now i dont fink im that gd a driver, meh! so if an
wen i pass u'z will all b takin ur lives in ur own hands
if yer wantin a run!
nehooo that enouf 4 now...l8rz!

*i fink im drownin asfixiating i wana break the spell that
u'v created ur sumfing boootiful a contradiction*