Tears of a Fallen Soul
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2005-02-20 14:06:13 (UTC)

::sighs:: Another Dark Gloomy Morning

Man why does it always have to be sooooo god damn gloomy on
Sundays.... I don't it just baffles me... well last
night... I did NOT get to go to sleep ::cries:: some people
came over and kept me the fuck up.... I was almost asleep
then they made me get up and do some shit which was ok
because I went to go to BJ's house and I got to play to
piano for the first time in..... about 5 months I was happy
about that.... me made a small recording of some songs I
wrote for the piano it turned out pretty kick ass.... just
ask me and I can e-mail it to you within like three or four
days... it depends on when I talk to BJ next... ever since
he got a girlfriend (Mandy... god I hate thaat BITCH!!!!)
she keeps him all alone half the time and she literally
won't let him hang with us (me, Jason, Josh, Lilly, Erika,
Mike, Ryan,Andrew,and Heather)... it's pissing me the fuck
off because every time he goes to hang out with us she's
A CORNER AND KILL MYSELF"'s not that big of a deal
being alone.... I know I'm alone a lot unless Ian's here
but that's another story for another day.... I mean sure
sometimes I get depressed and lately it's be a lot more
than it usually is but keeping in mind that I'm bipolar and
that's another thing I dun like about Mandy she's all
like... yeah I'm bipolar.. I'm an insomniac... and then
it's just like were you diagnosed and to quote Mandy "" wow I just want to beat the ever loving shit out
of her and if it weren't for BJ I'd let her know what pain
really feels like because I would take her out to the alley
behind her house and beat her senseless and just leave her
laying in a puddle of her own god damn blood... god damn
she needs to learn how to fight though it's pathetic... she
hits like a little five year old girl.... wow I'm REALLY
sorry I've bitched enough for one morning ::hugs:: much
love to you all lol wow I really am sorry though...
~*~*Yours Truly*~*~
*~*Waffo Geek*~*

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