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2005-02-20 14:03:49 (UTC)

The day after..

Well, i went out last night. It was actually one of the best
days of the year, so far. Right, anyway, me, SA, BA & LG
went down to Shambles to meet LM & MV, but they weren't
there. We then went to the Star (we saw MB..He proceeded to
hug me. I'm 75% sure he's bi), um, then SA & LG argued about
where we were gonna go next (bar 7 or rosies)..we opted for
rosies, but lg and sa got into a bit of a spat. i was pissed
off cause i'm sick of the constant bickering when we're out.
i'm sorry, but sa can be so fucking selfish at times. i hate
her when she's like that. we went to rosies, where we met up
with LM, MV & MV's cuz (he fucking rules...he's so funny. he
reminds me of ste..lg seemed to think that aswell), i was
slightly drunk in rosies, but yeh, um..i remember jumping up
when tranvision vamp's "baby, i don't care" came on. ohh, i
remember mv's cuz screaming "who wants to get laid" and
these random lads turned around and joined us, screaming
"yehh, we wanna get laidd"..sorry, i just found that quite
amusing. where was i? oh yeh, lg and ba were laughing
because i was dancing like a tit (hey, drink does that to
me)..anyway, mv got slightly too drunk, so lm and mv's cuz
ascorted her home. mv's cuz came back to meet us in rosies
(thank god), and we went to the big a..this is where the fun
lg walks off with meg's cuz (joel), so that leaves me, ba
and sa lagging behind. anyway, when we get to the door, lg
and joel are already in..and i get id'ed (i always fucking
do in that place). i said i didn't have any id..(that
reminds me..i'm 18 in 24 hours. yeyness!), so he said he
couldn't let me in. sa then gave the line of 2005 so far,
simply saying "you fucker"..the bouncer said he was only
doing his job, but whatfuckingever. so me, sa and ba had to
go back to rosies..only sa didn't wanna because she was
wayyy too pissed at lg (she was calling her a slut, skinny
cunt, etc..u get the jist), sa started crying. me and ba
were getting a bit annoyed..but what can u do? sa was
pissed, crying and in a mood..that ain't a good thing.
anyway, ba ran back to rosies (you have to pay after 11pm,
and it was like..12.30am), but before ba went to rosies, he
gave me money to give to sa (coz she didn't have any) to get
in..which meant i couldn't get in, cause i didn't have any
money. anyway, before me and sa got to rosies..she stopped
and started screaming about lg, how she hates ba..and just
generally rambling on. she kept going on about how she was
going to "piss herself"..so after about 15 minutes of
telling her to compose herself..she went in...and that was
that. i went home, laid on the sofa, and went to sleep. i
went to bed at like..3am, and everything was spinning. i
woke up at 5am cause i was gonna be sick..i wasn't tho. i
just started breathing in and out, and that got rid of the
nautious feeling, thank god.

so...yeh. an extremely eventful night. i'm obviously glad i
went out now. um, i'm off to boro tomorrow with mv & lm. i
wanted to see creep, but it ain't showing til half 9 at
night. that sucks. i so hope i see joel again. he seemed so
much fun. hell, i miss him already.


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